Gary Wedlund Author and Artist

Zombies in Our Hometown

Anthony Giangregoreo called me while in Chicago and said, "Is this the only Gary Wedlund in the world, and why did you take Zombies In My Hometown off the market?"

Well... because it was written in a cave, self-published, and nobody on the planet had seen it before I pushed send. The typos were horrible, I had POV breaks all over the place, and everything I've learned about writing, I've learned since.

Anthony said, "Well then do your rewrite and send it to me." I love Anthony. I did a MASSIVE rewrite and sent it, so here is one of the first offbeat Zombie books ever written, and this time, written right.


Living Dead Press has several anthologies that have my short stories in them, as well as several novels that I have edited. Book of Cannibals II, Children of the Dead and Zombie Erotica are a few that include my short stories.