Gary Wedlund Author and Artist

Hey, I have writer friends who do a lot of hard work

  In fact, this is how we each get better.  We hack each other's work to death, yielding better products that over the test of time become substantial.  I'm a big advocate of writer's working toward improving the product. Every month I learn and teach something new. These people are a big part of that, not to mention, artists themselves.

Denise is a member of two of  my writer's groups, and the vampire genre's best writer

James O Barnes works tirelessly to promote Ohio writers, and has some skills of his own

Ren Garcia has been always presented a kind face, and his world of strange outer-space people is hard to put down

Matthew Cook has some crazy blood magic to tell you about. An amazing skill that is still emerging

Anthony Giangregorio, great Zombie writer, publisher and friend on all scores

Barbara Tath, a wonderful editor who wrote a masterpiece about Irish men struggling in the period of the Franco-Prussian war

Jason Sanford might be the best sci-fi critique and writer out there. If he gives a good review, you know you're great