Satan's Daughter Goes to Pittsburgh

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Ruth is convinced that her mother is Marilyn Monroe, living in Pittsburgh with Any Warhol. In order to escape her brothers, who continually tell her how delusional she is, Ruth determines to go live with Mom. Unfortunately, the closest porthole to hell is Bolivia.




Search For the Queen, published by Loconeal Press

Abi is the most wanted criminal in the kingdom. In the face of this, the Goddess charges her to do two impossible things: find the queen and show compassion.



The Condotte's Daughter

  Fantasy with a western feel and a simple goal. Tundy wants to serve her time in the warlord's army and go home without losing her honor.  Complications set in the minute she arrives. They get worse. Around the time they are unbearable, along comes a princess. Pa said, "Avoid the royals, whatever you do." He didn't mention the airships, priests or magic growing inside her soul.


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The Shaman Within, published by Loconeal Press









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    I want to invite every historic fantasy fan to grab my newest book. It is the result of years of care, while I've also been writing a dozen others and honing the craft of spinning a tale.

    Abi's a girl raised on a peasant holding, far removed from the world at large. The two women in her life teach her to worship the Goddess, as well as how to read and fight. All of this seems useless and dangerous to her, though knowledge and fighting sport are additive things, and come to define her worth. What do these peasant women plan? They're not telling; and maybe the Goddess has a hand in both the education and stealth. The vengence of a nation is at stake.

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    The Queen's Return


    Convincing those in power to believe that Abi is a queen seems daunting.

    Let's start with a kidnapping and get bloody in a hurry.